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BCN Outsourcing has long-standing relationships with clients in Europe, Russia, China as well as Mexico and we are currently expanding into new markets including the US and South America.


BCN Outsourcing was one of the first companies to bring LED lighting to the European market helping companies including Telefonica and Inditex to homologate LED and convert all their existing lighting, offices and stores to led lighting.


For the fashion industry, we carry out design and prototyping of exclusive, taylor-made mannequins. For this sector we have also sourced or produced a variety of products ranging from metal, stainless steel and perspex displays, furniture, shopping bags and communication systems for stores.


We have a large network of suppliers for manufacturing systems for almost any type of industry with extensive experience and a particularly competitive offer when it comes to petrol pumps, bottles and dispensers.


For the construction industry we can supply competitively priced professional tools whether the requirement is for manual, electrical or mechanical equipment.
We can also source high quality building materials including marble and granite for cladding or stoneware and porcelain tiles for flooring.


We manage the production of a great variety of leather goods including bags, suitcases, beauty cases etc. – all produced to your design and quality specification by OEMs.


Among our customers are the largest cooperatives in the Spanish market to which we supply pots, bases and decorative garden accessories.
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